Bosco Adventure English Subbed

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Bosco Adventure English SubbedPlot Summary: The story is about a young elvish princess Apricot (?????? ??) whose mission is to return to her home – Fountain land, occupied by evil forces of a monster called Scorpion (??????), before the total eclipse of the Sun. If she manages to sit on a throne before the eclipse, she’ll release a great power of water that will destroy the occupators. To prevent that from happening, she’s been kidnapped by mysterious cloacked man called Hoodman (?????), and his, rather clumsy, aides: Jack (????) and Franz (????). Their mission is to keep princess away from her home land until the eclipse. In the first episode, she escapes from the villains by sending a message by her trusty mechanical bird Speak (????). The princess’s urgent call for help is accidentally heard by habitants of Bosco forest: brave and adventurous Frog (????), intelligent and ingenious inventor Tutty (????), and cowardly, but kind and warm-hearted Otter (????). They save her from the villains, and the princess becomes a part of Bosco crew. Guys decide to help Apricot finding her way back home, before it’s too late. On their way to Fountain land they get into myriad of adventures, where they prove their desire and ability to help and protect those who are in need, and where their own relationships between each other flourish and develop into strong friendship and love.

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